(Entering  K-1)

Our youngest campers will learn to fly together through nature activities, arts & crafts, hiking, swimming, games, puzzles, story time and more.  Activities will be specifically geared towards our young chicks to promote social skills, confidence & teamwork all while making new friends and having Fun!

Blue Peacocks

(Entering 2-3)

Our Blue Peacocks will participate in a variety of activities including nature activities, arts & crafts, swimming, games, fishing hiking, story time and more.  Our campers are challenged to soar to new heights and participate in new activities while they continue to develop social skills, build confidence & teamwork all while making new friends and having Fun!

Green Peacocks

(Entering 4-5)

Our Green Peacocks will be challenged in a variety of nature activities including archery, canoeing, fishing, swimming,  games, hiking and more.  Our campers will spread their wings and learn new skills, while developing their confidence, independence and promote teamwork all while making new friends and having Fun!


(Entering 6, 7 & 8 )

Our Congos will continue to participate in nature activities including challenge courses, archery, kayaking, fishing, swimming, hiking, STEM and more.  Campers will fan their feathers and confidently practice core values such as team building and responsibility,  all while making new friends and having Fun!

Indian Peacocks

(Entering 9 & 10 )

This is our Leader in Training program for young adults who are interested in training to become a camp counselor.  Leaders in Training will work with counselors and campers to develop leadership skills and the experience needed to become a Camp Counselor while still having the opportunity to participate in all of the exciting activities here at Peacock Camp.  Limited positions are available and positions must be applied for.  Please contact Lake Villa Township for an application.  ($120 fee per 2 week session).


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